Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick-or-Treat! Happy Halloween!

Muslims celebrating Halloween does not make them a pagan worshiping Samhain just like when non-Muslims go over to a Muslim friend's house to celebrate Eid, it does not make them Muslim. If the Muslim in question, however, is blatantly honoring Samhain as the deity of Halloween, that is a completely different story.

And yes, I am aware Samhain is a Gaelic festival but most Muslims think Samhain is some deity and Halloween is a celebration of his godhood so they protest against it. What I'm saying here is that even if Samhain is a deity, you cannot worship him without intending to worship him, that would mean anyone who fasts on Ramadan indirectly worships Allah.

The hypocrisy among many Muslims I see is that they get overjoyed when non-Muslims celebrate Eid, fast a day or two in Ramadan, put on a hijab, etc. but then when it comes to returning the favor, hand out a present for Christmas, dress up a little for Halloween, oh my God, it's the end of the world as we know it and Armageddon is here.

Muslims call other Muslims who greet their fellow humans on Christmas as hypocrites and coconut Muslims but a non-Muslim observing Eid with their Muslim friends is an open-minded soul standing against bigotry. I find these double standards absolutely disgusting.

A primary reason why Muslims exude such behavior is because many Muslims believe that only Islam is the correct way, Therefore it makes sense that they should like it when non-Muslims take part in Islam and not vice versa. 

However, it does not matter because if non-Muslims were convinced that Islam is the only correct way, a bold and somewhat even arrogant, very supremacist claim to make, then the non-Muslims wouldn't be non-Muslims in the first place. Therefore, judging from their perspective, they are only delving into the culture of their fellow human being of another religion and we should most definitely return the favor for the sake of peaceful coexistence. It is realistically possible to celebrate Halloween without worshiping Samhain and celebrate Christmas without believing Christ is God. It's not a particularly very hard concept to grasp. All it takes is empathy and the intention to coexist peacefully.

— Fahim Ferdous Promi

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