Friday, October 10, 2014

The End

Allah set the Divine Law, but people now no longer care for the Divine Law. Those who deny it are going to be unbelievers; there is no faith with them. The Holy Qur’an mentions everything that has happened to the perished nations. The Children of Israel had Moses. Allah called him to Mount Sinai to give him the Torah. When he left them, they made a Golden Calf and worshiped it. When Moses came back, they were very repentant and sought forgiveness from Allah for what they did.

Allah ordered Moses and Aaron to have the idolaters executed. But He did forgive them and granted them Paradise, accepting for their penance, the penalty of death. 70,000 people had worshiped that Golden Calf.

Lo! Those who chose the calf for worship, terror from their Lord and humiliation will come upon them in the life of the world. Thus do We requite those who invent a lie.
[Quran 7:152]

Nowadays, people are not worshiping golden calves, they are worshiping Satan. Every nation has them: people follow them and never show any respect to Allah. We see from the exegesis of the verse, the penalty for disbelief, for denying Allah and refusing His Divine Law despite clear signs, is to be killed. And it is Allah Who is exacting that penalty. There are wars, conflict and strife all over the world. People are killing each other in ways that have never happened before. People are using technology only to kill others.

Armageddon is not far off. The whole world going to be cleansed of the followers of Satan. The People of Satan are going to be destroyed, mostly by their own hands. And when it is over, the Divine Kingdom will be established on Earth. The Divine Kingdom will be built by Imam Mahdi and the believers.

After the Mahdi has come, the Antichrist will collect those who insist on unbelief.
These people will run after the Antichrist, because he will tell them:

“I am your Lord. Come with me.”

He shall stamp his followers with the Mark.

The Antichrist will gather his followers from the east to the west, throughout the entire world, until Allah sends forward the Savior, Jesus Christ.

He will defeat and kill the Antichrist and all his followers.

For forty years on Earth thereafter, there should be only believers, sincere people who do not run after temptations. They are for Allah, day and night. They are the ones who spend their nights in remembrance and worship; their only focus is worship. After these forty years, the people of disbelief will appear again and slowly get more numerous.

As for Jesus, he will go to Medina, to Prophet Muhammad's tomb. There is, behind the Prophet’s grave, three places: one for Abu Bakr, one for ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab, and then there is a fourth grave which is now empty. It is for Jesus. He will be with them, and the believers will bury him in that fourth grave.

And when all this is past, in a time thereafter that only Allah knows, there will come a wind from Paradise. It will bring an easy death for the believers. It is a beautifully scented wind and the believers will smell it and fall into the sleep of death. And then, angels will come to take their bodies and bury them. There will remain after this time, only disbelievers on earth; and then the Last Days with its earthquakes and trials will come upon them.

This is what the Prophet has informed us. The world will reach to that point. Only the believers will be protected and the unbelievers will be reaped. The punishment for disbelief is death, and millions are going to die. But when they are killed, their souls are clean. Allah is Forgiving. He will forgive them after exacting his penalties, and He will put them in His Paradise. Death is going to purify them. When Allah punishes them for their wrongs, by His Mercy, He will grant that with their last breath, they say, “Allah is One,” and then, they are taken away.

These are the Glad Tidings that are sent today. Everyone is born to die; no one is born to stay here.
There are angels who say:

“You are going to be born for death and you are building for destruction.”

Every building must be destroyed, every living thing must die: young or old, we are all are going to be taken away. When Allah takes His Penalty of His slaves, He is not going to give another punishment after death. Therefore, although many people are going to die because of their sins, because they will be worshiping Satan and forget their Lord, in their last moment, even when that bullet is about to reach that person, an angel will command unto them,
“Say: Allah is One.”
And then their soul is taken.

— Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani an-Naqshband 

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