Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mission Statement Of Operation Iraqi Relief

Operation Iraqi Relief is a secular, non-sectarian, movement whose ultimate goal is to aid all Iraqi people. The Iraqi people are comprised of many ethnicities and religions; hence we see it as our duty to remain unbiased.

Much of the devastation in Iraq is resultant of foreign intervention. There is ample evidence to suggest that the current ISIS invasion is supported monetarily by the gulf states, namely Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Operation Iraqi Relief demands the US government and its allies to reassess their relationship with such nations. We also disapprove of any and all 'foreign boots on the ground’; this issue must be solved by the people of Iraq. We urge all parties to strengthen the democratically elected government in Iraq, whom we encourage to be more inclusive of religious and ethnic minorities.

It should also be known that the media at times is obfuscating the truth. By labeling the ISIS terrorists as Sunni rebels and the democratically elected Iraqi government as Shi'a, a sectarian conflict is being enflamed. The labeling of ISIS as such not only legitimizes their terror but also slanders the largely peaceful Sunni community. For this we request factual, unbiased articles to be shared in order to counter the obfuscation.

We ask all organizations and activists involved to work together in order to resolve this crisis.

The purpose of the Operation Iraqi Relief Facebook group is largely to share information and foster ideas in order to optimize all efforts on helping the Iraqi people. We understand that the given issue is controversial therefore we request the discussions to remain congenial; we will not tolerate bullying and other forms of hostility.

As the conflict continues the number of affectees increases, many of who are now refugees with little means for survival. It is our duty to aid them with:
  • monetary donations
  • medical supplies
  • food/rations
For a list of organizations currently working in Iraq please view this list.
For general information contact.
For information pertaining to rallies, logistics, etc contact.

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